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Curada Bio is at the forefront of innovative wound care solutions. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technologies, pioneering living cytokine factories and hybrid bioelectronics for wound healing.

At Curada Bio, our journey began with a singular purpose — to revolutionize wound care. With a foundation rooted in a DARPA grant, our founders embarked on a mission to accelerate the healing of chronic wounds. In the ongoing development phase, CombiCyte™ emerges as a revolutionary cell therapy, leveraging advanced biotherapeutics to transform wound care.


CombiCyte™ introduces an innovative cell therapy aimed at expediting the recovery process for chronic wounds. Discover the transformative impact of our cutting-edge technology on the wound care landscape.

Latest News & Updates

Explore the cutting-edge innovations, scientific breakthroughs, and impactful stories that shape our journey toward a future of advanced wound care.

Dec 05 2023

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Omid Leads ARPA-H Grant Project

Omid, the principal investigator overseeing an ARPA-H grant, is at the forefront of a compelling initiative aimed at advancing cancer therapy. In...
Dec 03 2023

Biotech Breakthrough: Paul and Omid Head Rice Launch Pad for Curada’s Accelerated Research

In a promising collaboration, Paul and Omid head the Rice Biotech Launch Pad, providing Curada with a fantastic opportunity to expedite their...